– Design Collective: Name + Mission Statement

To begin generating ideas for the name of my design collective I went onto http://www.dotomator.com/ for help. This website allows you to enter one or more words of your choice and then simply clicking combine it forms different names using the words entered.

The words which I entered into the boxes where those from my values as well as words that also expressed what my design collective offers.

Under the name ‘scratchboard’ are three different names that I chose from my findings.

  1. Design Friendly
  2. Graphics Friendly
  3. Graphics Confident

Even though I felt that these names were the most suitable ones I still was not pleased with them, as they were really simple and bland and didn’t have any factors about them which really stood out.

I decided to generate ideas without any tool and simply using words and a little thought. Below is the many ideas that I had.

  • Intergraphic Designs
  • Creative Solutions
  • Design Solutions
  • Creative Thinking
  • Creative Vision
  • The Artistry
  • C & D (creative designs)
  • Terena’s Graphic Designs
  • FixMyGraf
  • Odyssey
  • Outlandish
  • Externalize
  • Advanced Designs
  • Depicition
  • iCreate

I decided to choose: The Artistry as it is simple but still holds a meaning that I believe ties well with what my design collective is all about and can also work well in helping form a mission statement.

Definition of artistry – a creative skill or ability.

Using my values and the definition of my design collective name I was able to form my mission statement.

Mission Statement: 

“With our knowledge, skills and our reliability; we work in partnership with our customers where  the up most efficient and high quality designs are produced.”

Now that I have decided on a design collective name and created my mission statement I will go onto designing the logo.


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