– Design Collective: Values

I am working individually for assignment 1.

I firstly needed to identify my key values and my mission statement that I wanted my design collective to offer to our customers. To go about doing this I researched into a company and what they had to say about themselves regarding their values.


“As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.”


As a customer I immediately gained a sense of security and trust with Microsoft. This was from the way they expressed in great detail what they offer to their customers and what the customers should expect. They were also honest and straight to the point with what they had to say which is a very useful and key tool to have as a value, as customers are able to understand clear and efficiently what your company is all about.

Microsoft’s Mission Statement: At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.


Their mission statement really ties in well with their values and in one sentence sums up what they are all about and what they aim to do.

I created a spider diagram of the values that my design collective have, using this information I will begin to generate various ideas for my mission statement as well as a design collective name.

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