– Design Collective: Logo Design

The next step is to create the logo for the design collective. I want the logo design to have a bright bold colour which will be eye-catching as well as appealing to my customers. I also want to include a symbol that relates with creativity and design.

Before I decided what and how I wanted my final logo to look like I drew a few rough sketches of ideas I already had in mind.

I chose the first idea and developed this further by adding colour as well as additional other features that I believed worked nicely.


  • The puzzle shape
  • The bright star
  • Font used
  • Simple but creative background


  • Colour could be improved
  • The puzzle shape could be a little smaller
  • The font could be a little bigger

Using the pro’s and con’s listed above I made a few more variations to the logo. Below are the results.

Looking at the changes made I still wasn’t pleased with the outcome and decided to resort back to my ideas I had sketched out. Using the next potential logo idea, I experimented once again.

Using my annotations and creative eye I brought this logo design idea to life with colour and additional features.


  • The font is very sophisticated
  • Slogan
  • The box
  • Simplicity of the overall design


  • Colour scheme isn’t as eye-catching
  • The ‘TA’ in the box
  • The symbol situated at the bottom
  • Even though the design is simple it still looks busy and unprofessional.
  • The spacing between the two words

I developed this design further using the critique.

My main concern with this design idea was that it had too many elements to it. By eliminating the symbol I immediately solved this problem.

I originally wanted to create a symbol or have a shape that related to creative design. I felt this would bring the whole design together so I continued developing this by using different shapes and symbols.

All the different symbols I experimented with worked really well, however I kept it traditional by opting for the crayon symbol as it represented creativity. I then changed the colour scheme to a more subtle and sophisticated one, this worked really well.

Final Logo Design:


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