– Business Card + Blog Research/Ideas

Now that I have a completed and professional logo design, I decided to go onto creating the business card and blog site.

Below are a few examples of business cards:

Idea 1) Front

  • The choice of colours is consistent throughout the design
  • Font is in a basic typeface allowing it to be easily read
  • The information provided is straight to the point
  • Logo design situated in the middle of the business card


  • Same font, typeface and size has been used again
  • Logo design used again
  • Additional information all in the same font, typeface and size
  • The same colours have been used for the back

Idea 2) Front:

  • Logo situated in the middle
  • Choice of colours on the logo relates with the background colour
  • Font, typeface and size all the same
  • The key information is seen here


  • The most important information is repeated
  • Colours and font as well as typeface and size all consistent
  • Name and job role situated here
  • Head office information also on the back
  • Logo design appears on the back as well

Using the annotations of each business card idea I will be able to generate a business card design for ‘The Artistry’.

Blog Idea  1)

Blog Idea 2)

Blog Idea 3)

The above blog sites have given me an indication of how I can go about creating my own. The blog site will be clearly labelled making it easier for my customers.


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