– Tips For Making Your Business Work


– Having a clear vision about what your business is about and the kind of work you do is crucial, as well as this sticking to it is also important. This will lead to more of the kind of work you are interested in and want to do.

Get Advice:

– Someone with experience and knowledge in running their own business can be beneficial as you can ask questions and gain some knowledge and skills. They may have been through a similar problem that you can find answers to.


– Getting your pricing structure right is key. Undercharging will ultimately lead to failure. Setting an hourly rate in relation with your expertise and level of experience and then using this as a guide is a foundation to start on.

Do not be afraid to say no:

– Saying no to a project when you feel it isn’t right for you and expressing your opinions to a client is a good thing when done politely. You are in charge so getting your voice heard is the main thing.


– Building up contacts as well as approaching people who you are interested in working with is very useful. The more contacts you have the easier in the long run it is for you to get the job done and bring in new work.

Tax and accounting:

– Making sure money is put aside for your tax and N.I every time you are paid is something that should be done. This will vary depending on what you earn. Using an easy accounting software and/or a good accountant will make it a lot easier.


– Assignment 2

I went through the brief question and summarised to my own knowledge what it is asking me to do.

Brief Question:

– How are people breaking the rhetorical position of your chosen piece of media?

– Find a justification

– How does the people breaking it really affect it?

– Explain what these people are doing? What happened? Why is it ok for them to do this?

Examples of media to potentially look at:

– illegal downloads

– family guy

– grafitti

– protests

– jail breaking

– riots

– strikes

I decided to choose riots as my piece of media. I will research and look into the chosen topic a little further to gain a more understanding of how I can go about this assignment.

Art Piece 2 – Development

With the second art piece I had many ideas that I wanted to execute. I really felt that the ambient effect I previously experimented with was something I could take forward.

I decided to go along with that and try to create a surreal theme using the stock images provided as well as a few others.

I created an art piece that I wasnt too pleased with for many different reasons.

Firstly the main problem was the composition of the Ninja image. He seemed to be out-of-place, this was due to the scaling of the image and the positioning. I felt that these two aspects needed to be worked on to improve the image.

The next major setbacks to this image was the use of the Clock and Song Book images which I had previously used in my other Art Piece. As the brief stated, we could not use the images twice and looking at the other stock I could not find anything that would work well in this piece.

Another problem with the piece was that as an overall concept it didn’t quite make sense. A lot of the stock was randomly placed which made it look uncomfortable and awkward.

I came to the conclusion that I was going to create something very different, with different stock images as well keeping the theme very simple but still along the surrealism effect.



– Test Shoot 1

Looking at the different ad campaigns and ways in which the clothing labels captured their target audience, I began to take a few test shots for my own campaign to see what I could create.

I took a variety of shots in different outfits and locations. These first set of shots were taken to get an overall feel for the camera.

Look 1:


Look 2:


Look 3:


There were many things that needed improving and developing before I could capture my finalise images for my ad campaigns.

Art Piece 1

The first art piece was inspired by the Gregory Crewdson images that I previously posted, as well as the surrealism theme.

I decided to keep it very simple but yet still visually exciting with elements that make the whole piece very successful.

I firstly chose a very basic sea background, that I knew I would be able to add some kind of filter to make it look more interesting and appealing to the eye. I then decided that I would use the ‘Dummy Girl’ figure as the main element of my image. I used the pen tool and layer mask method to create a very clean background removal, which was previously shown to us in lectures.

I then added a layer mask to the figure and erased away the bottom segment of her body to make it appear that she is floating in the water. I believe the layer mask is a quick and efficient method of creating this.

The next step was for me to create a background that had more of a surreal feel to it. I tried using different filters and ambient effects but I didn’t like the results that it produced. I then decided that I will create a new layer and fill this in with black and erase the middle section of the piece, whilst keeping the edges still quite dark. This effect was simple but worked very well, as I used a large soft erase brush to allow the lighting in subtly.

Next, I chosse the songbook image to create the birds. This was very simple to do. The wings were created by using a brush which I found on Deviant Art. I created one bird image and then put all the layers into a group and then duplicated the group a few times to create many more. For the different sizes I used the free transform tool to achieve this.

I was nearly finished with the first art piece, but I still had another image I needed to incorporate. I wanted to add the other image in very subtly so with this I decided that I would create a moon using the face of the clock.

I added a overlay and a slight glow to the moon to make it more realistic. I also erased more of the black covering on the main figure to act as if the light from the moon was shining onto her.

This was done again subtly to ensure the whole piece still worked well together.

Overall I was pleased with this piece as the surreal element was definitely caught in a very subtle way.


Stock Images:

Wings Brush – http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=wings+brushes#/dyie2d

Sea Background –


– Magazine ReDesign: Prep.

After having a few lessons and tutorials on how to use Indesign I began to think about how and in what way I will recreate my chosen magazine. I noticed that the magazine was very informative and detailed which is something I wanted to keep as this is the main attraction to the target audience. However I feel that with the informative information given it quite a bit and there isn’t enough images to go alongside this. This will be one main aspect that I will recreate. The layout of the magazine also is in a very bland and simple format which I will again develop and make more into a visual magazine where the readers can gain the main information as well as have many images to view with this information.

The front cover of the magazine is what drew my eye, but for all the wrong reasons. Again I will work and develop this to create 3 front cover designs that is eye-catching and visually exciting as well as keep in context with what it is trying to sell to the audience.

I looked at a few magazine spreads that gave me inspiration in going about this assignment and how I could re-design my chosen magazine.

Images from (http://tranquiltownhouse.blogspot.com/2011/06/cool-magazine-spreadaka-look-what-my.html)

Image from (http://www.xraymag.com/articles/xray_v5n6_xcatalog_pro_fig01_big.html)

image taken from (http://www.fanpop.com/spots/twilight-series/images/2772297/title/twilight-ok-magazine-spread-photo)

image taken from (http://cityonfire.us/portfolio-magazines.html)

Looking at all the magazine spreads they are all very informative and have detailed information, however I could say that they are all visually exciting as well as they are full of colour and vibrance and the way in which the information has been laid out with the use of images make this work as a whole.

These useful techniques I will implement and develop further in my own magazine designs.

Magazine Content Analysis


Using two magazines, design a feature story for one in the style of a feature from the other. You should not imitate an existing feature, but seek to simulate how magazine “A” might handle “B’s” content. Text and headlines should be real (you may find text but not images on the internet so bring some with you). Strive for a similar density of text and images across pages.

Below is an image of the final magazine spread that I created.

I used the following articles to create the above spread.


Overall I was pleased with what I created, however there were a few changes that could have been made to improve the overall concept to a more successful one.

Firstly, I believe that the images I chose were not as strong and this could have been avoided by using high-resolution images which would have been more effective. I decided not to follow the original layout design thoroughly as this is what the brief required. I believe if I added certain other elements to my own design I could have made a more interesting layout with a lot more features that would have made it visually exciting and very attractive to the eye.

Finally, I would re-do the same spread but using a different layout spread to see the different look and feel I can create.

– Ministry of Sound – Previous Poster Designs

As stated previously, I will be choosing the Ministry of Sound brief. I collected a few images of previous designs that I felt worked well in certain ways.

Below are my findings:

  • The colour palette is very strong and vibrant
  • The typeface chosen works well with the whole concept
  • Main information is bold and vibrant
  • Visually exciting
  • Main attraction situated in the front and center of the poster

(image taken from: http://www.songkick.com/posters/1350531)

  • Font and type bold and eye-catching this works well
  • Colour palette works well here
  • The typeface is clean-cut, yet has interesting elements about it
  • Important information bigger than the rest
  • Overall concept simple


  • Bold, visually exciting
  • Party theme concept implemented here
  • Logo design colour changed to fit the style of the overall design
  • Very informative

(image taken from: http://dandadministryofsound.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/ministry-of-sound-design/template-ibiza-final-a2-indd/)

After analysing the poster designs above, I noticed that there was a very definite and similar style implemented in all the designs. Each design really exaggerates on the party theme concept which I feel works well, however it gives me a challenge to do something different from previous designs.

In my next posts I will focus on my ideas and how I will change from the traditional party theme concept that they use.