– Logo Design: Colour Experiments

I used the mood for ideas of colour choices for my logo design.


After trying out various different coloured backgrounds for my logo design, I decided that I wasn’t going to take any of these ideas forward. The colour background took away from the meaning of the clothing label as well as divert the attention of the audience a bit too much.

What I believe was successful in this experiment is the legibility of the typeface used. The different shades of light and dark colours used, indicates that my logo design can be read anywhere as well as stand out on any other background rather than a white one. This was a very key factor to take into consideration.


– Mood Board Inspiration

To help me generate ideas for the concept of my advertisements, I decided to create a collage of images from a high end fashion magazine.

The purpose of the mood board was to create a visual presentation of the styles and trends that are current and in season at the moment. This will enable me to generate ideas for my own advertising campaign. The mood board is very vibrant and full of colour which I believe could be beneficial to me in regards of developing my logo design further.
The next stages will be to apply some of the colours portrayed in the mood board into my logo design to see what I can create.

– Logo Design: Stage Five

More design ideas that I created.

I established that I wanted to use the typeface ‘DK Hasty Tasty.’ I also decided that I would go with the last design idea as the plain and bold look really was eye-catching. My previous design ideas tried to incorporate too many elements that related to fashion which wasn’t needed. Topshop, New Look, Zara and many other high street fashion labels all have a typographic logo which works well.

I will continue using the black colour for the logo as it can be seen everywhere and anywhere which is a very key characteristic needed in a logo.

– Logo Design: Stage Four

Below is a few more design ideas that I came up with. I decided to ditch the whole idea of using a clothing hanger as the main illustration and opt for something more simple.

By changing the whole concept of the logo design, I was able to create a simple approach which I feel works well here and I will continue on developing it.

I decided to choose the 4th design idea further, and look into ways I can improve on it. I will then focus my attention on colour schemes that could possibly work.

– Logo Design: Stage Two

I knew that I wanted to incorporate the ‘hanger’ illustration into my design, however I needed to select the typeface for my logo design. I experimented with a few handwriting typefaces to see what look I could create.

On reviewing the typefaces I really liked number 2,6 and 7. Adding the illustration to the design will further help me make a final descision and then move on to selecting the colour.

– Logo Design: Stage One

I wanted to create a very simplistic look to my logo design that would be easily recognisable. I liked the idea of creating a very minimalistic logo design that is based around text. With this in mind I created a few design ideas that could be further developed.

In the above image I  done a few designs where I experimented with the text and tried to create something that was unique and really caught the eye of my target market. I liked the idea of creating a handwritten logo design, which I feel could work really well with my mission statement.

I decided to go fourth with one of the ideas on my design sheet and experiment further on Adobe Photoshop to create the best design possible.

– Square Idea 1

The arrangement of the squares in this first design idea allows me to work out where and how I can place them when developing the design. I like the way each individual square has its own uniqueness about it, however together they don’t work effectively. I will try to make each design overlap and interlink to see what I can create.