– Basic Photoshop Retouch

This task was simple and straight forward to follow, as the instructions were clear and easy which in turn resulted in a very good retouched image.

I first began with an image of a girl who had a few blemishes and uneven skin tone that I was going to remove and retouch to make the image stronger than it already was.

Original Image

Using the spot healing brush I was able to remove the blemishes quite quickly and very efficiently it also resulted in a very professional looking image. I continued to improve the image by evening the skin tone – to achieve this I used a Layer Mask and the Surface Blur.

Blemish Free and Even Skin Tone

To improve this image further I then went onto detailing and brightening the eye area using the Dodge and Burn tool.

Brightening The Eyes

To finalize the whole image I used the ‘Curves’ technique to add detailing to the cheeks and her nail.

Final Image


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