– Initial Media Ideas

To start this assignment I wanted to think outside the box a little and choose a media that wasn’t an advert, but still potrayed a meaning to the auidence through the use of rhetorics.

I had many ideas but I primarily wants to go down the route of a music video that used lyrics as well as the actual content to tell the audience something.

My initial idea was the song ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna. I deicded to go with this at first because I really felt the way the lyrics linked with the video worked well and the video alone gave the audience a message that could  be viewed in many different ways.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Earthsong’ was another idea I had in mind and was considering to take forward. The music video really has a strong influencial approach about it that I felt could be a really good media to use basing it on rhetorics.

Rihanna – We Found Love

I researched a little further into songs that had a very powerful message and I came across ‘Can I Live’ by Nick Cannon as well as ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera.

Christian Aguilera – Beautiful

Nick Cannon Can I Live

After reviewing the potential music video ideas I decided to go forward with Michael Jackson – Earth Song. I felt that it had a more powerful message that wasn’t so obvious to the audience and could really be interesting piece of media  to analyse and talk about.


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