– Label Name

Before I can begin to construct my logo design, I have to decide on a name for the new clothing line. My clothing line will be for women who enjoy creating and setting new trends no matter their age, budget or style.

Below are a few words that I relate to my clothing line.

 – Trend   – Fashion   – Style   – Design   – Art   – Model   – Vogue   – Grandeur

– Appearance   – Chic   – Stylish   – Women   – Confident  – Sassy   – Swag   – Sleek

I then began to generate words that related more with the actual purpose of my clothing label.

– Impression   – Statement   – Express   – Freedom

Using these words I attempted to form a clothing line name that was catchy and related to my mission statement. I also used http://www.companynamegenerator.com/ to help with ideas.

– inTrend   – StyleNow   – WorldOfStyle   – InStyle   – AFashion   – RapidFashion   – ElectricVogue   – FashionMode   

– DigiStyle    – StyleYa   – Trendz   – Freedom   – InVogue

From the list above I really like the name: Freedom. The word ‘Freedom’ means ‘the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.’ This definitely represents the brand in terms of what my mission statement is about and what I want my target audience to feel.


Clothing Line Name: FREEDOM

Mission Statement:




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