– Fashion Logos

To help me construct my own logo design, I investigated  into fashion logos and what makes them successful. I wanted to find out information on how a logo represents a brand, in this case a clothing line. I came across many findings which I will implement in my own design.


There are many key factors that make up a great logo design. Below are just a few main ones that I noted down.

A logo design must…

– follow solid basic design principles
– be functional

A logo may be seen on the web, or on a range of  promotional products such as a brochure, a t-shirt etc. It could also be used on both dark backgrounds and light backgrounds, as well as on textured surface.  Different sizes of the logo may also be needed and used. It’s important to know that simplicity does not mean that the logo is missing anything. In fact, to aid in functionality, the logo must be simple. A great logo design should be able to meet all the requirements above and more and still represent the company effectively.

– represent the company

A logo needs to be able to represent the company it serves. This means that the style of the design needs to be easily identified with company as well as giving a clear picture of what is being marketed.

– be unique

An important feature of a logo is to be able to stand out against the crowd. Logo designs that are similar to well established ones tend to fail or confuse the consumer.




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