– Experiment 1

After researching on the different ways and techniques type is used to convey a message, I began to try out a few of these elements on my own idea to see what I could create. I experimented on the ‘KFC’ square first.


With this experiment I didn’t focus on how the text could portray the quote. I merely focused on the layout and how I could make it appealing to the eye. I am not entirely pleased with this design as there is not much indication as to where it could originate from. I chose the colours red and white to portray the ‘KFC’ logo colours, however it is quite difficult to recognise this.

For my next experiment I will probably focus more on how I can relate the quote with the company it comes from and portray this in a creative way.

With this next idea I used the same font used in the ‘KFC’ logo to create my text. Immediately the audience can gain a familiarity with this, however design and creativety wise the whole piece is very bland. Continuing this idea and developing it a little further could improve this a lot more.


I further developed my idea my adding a similar element that the original ‘KFC’ logo has and incorporated it into my own design. This worked well in some cases and didn’t in others. This typographic image works as a whole because the typeface and shape can be related with the ‘KFC’ logo. On the other hand the design as a whole doesn’t look interesting and again doesn’t attract the audiences’ eye. This area needs to be worked on and again developed. I will try focusing on elements such as positioning and colour to see the results I get from that.

Looking at the erros in my previous experiment, I corrected them and as well as adding a few other elements that I felt could improve the piece as a whole.

There are many similar elements that will enable my idea to be recognised with the ‘KFC’ logo. At the moment I am pleased with the first square idea and will continue to use this technique for the other squares.


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