– Session 4 Notes: Time & Money

“Every value can be pulled back to with time.”

In the creative industry people are renowned for working long hours. If you able to work effectivly in the time you have then you are possibly descreasing your hours. Working smart is a lot better than working hard, and being in a studio or working at your desk for long hours a day doesnt neccesarily mean you are actually getting work done.

Common Time Wasters:

– Telephone interruptions

– Lack of real objectives or priorities

– Constantly checking and responding to emails regardless of how unimportant they are

– Lack of delegation

– Doing many things inefficiently at the same time (multitasking)

– Ineffectual/unneccessary meetings

– Personal disorganisation

– Procrastination

– Crisis management

– Inability to say NO

– Doing the nice but unimportant bits

– Lacking full information

– Not having the right skills

– Filing/ searching for files or docs

– Paperwork

– Leaving tasks unfinished

– Writing emails when you could call

– Online instant messaging

– Travelling

– Constantly revising design work

– Having specifications changed

– Not knowing where to start

From the list above we had to select which ones we could relate to and which ones we would say personally didn’t  really effect us. From my own results I noticed that I was able to relate to many of the common time waster tasks. Many of the tasks can be controlled by ourself if we allow them to and set specific timings as well as planning.

There are various reason why planning is good.

  • work is organised a lot more.
  • you are reminded of jobs you needs to do
  • helps you prioritise work
  • helps to monitor and evaluate
  • any costing that needs to be done can be worked out more effieciently and easily
  • if any support or assistance is needed you are able to find out where exactly


“Learning your value in the market place is one of the hardest issues when starting & running your business. Too many creative people undervalue themselves and their talents, causing confusion for customers buying their products and services.”

(source: http://www.myheadspace.org/tools/view/32)


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