– Research Ideas

Continuing from my previous post regarding my layout ideas,  I researched a little further into different quote typography.

I wanted my research to focus on the way in which quotes were used to translate a message and the way in which this was done. I focused mainly on the positioning of the text and the way in which type can be used to convey a message. As I had a clear outline of what my text was going to be, I used the following research just for inspiration and guidance as to how I could portray my argument that junk food is better than healthier food.

Below are a few examples I found that really stood out for me. (all images taken from http://theroxor.com/2010/03/15/20-inspirational-typographic-quotes/)


I particularly like this typographic image as the text shown is also used to represent the piece as a whole. The layout arrangement is very clever and something that I will need to consider when creating my own piece.

Again in this piece what the actual text is used to convey the message. This makes the whole piece visually exciting to the audience’s eye.

This layout is a more simple design but I still feel works well, in the way it is interesting to look at and the choice of colours go well together.

I believe this piece is more focused on what it is saying. It is a very clean-cut however still has elements of creativity about it which works very well in keeping the audience still focused as to what it is saying.

The size and positioning of the text in this typographic piece grabs my attention immediately. This is something that I will also need to think about and consider as I feel that it would make my piece a lot more interesting and in turn will argue out my argument.


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