– Layout Ideas

From analysing the visuals I had researched as well as the quotes that I would possibly use in my own design, I began to focus on the general layout of the 6 squares.

I experimented with the positioning of the squares so that I could move onto the next step.

Layout Ideas:

This layout design was very simple. Individually the squares worked well however they did not form well as one individual piece.

Again another simple layout leaving minimal space between each square. I also feel that as a whole piece this doesn’t work.

In this layout design I wanted to focus on the squares as a whole working together. I tried to from an arch like shape as if it was a fast food logo above a store.

This idea could work well but development is needed on the shape and arrangement to create the look I want to successfully achieve.

Working around the bottom two squares I tried to create the arch like effect, however I am not entirely pleased with this layout and will continue to experiment further.

This layout idea is definitely a more successful one. A few more adjustments and arrangements to it I could possibly achieve the desired look I am going for.

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