– Junk Food Typeface

I began to look into fast food logos and the kind of typefaces and colours they use.

Below are images of fast food restaurants logos:

From the logos we can see that bold and bright colours are mainly used, these consist of  primarily primary colours. I believe this technique is used  to keep the logo design simple but effective and eye-catching to their target audience. Many of the logos use uppercase lettering in their logos. This is also to draw the attention of the audience and catch their eye which is a very effective tool. The typeface of each logo is very clean and crisp and doesnt entail a lot of patterns or ‘fancy type’. The clean cut look works really well as it send out a very straight to the point message. I particularly like the use of the full stop in the Subway logo as it really emphasies the message and point. The use of bold bordering around the logo also emphaises the actual name of the logo which is another technique that works well here.

Overall keeping straight to the point in terms of the choice of colours, font and any other designs used works well and is somethign that I will incorporate into my own idea.


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