– Project Brief

After clearly identifying my main 5 influences I decided that I will base my project on a fashion advertising campaign.

Below is a short form of the brief underlining the main key points about my project and how I will go about it.

Title of Assignment: (Undecided at this point in time)

Module Title and Level: Major Project, Level 3

Deadline: May 9th 2012

What discipline is this project?:


Assignment introduction and context:

I will be creating a series of creative poster designs that make up  an advertising campaign to advertise fashion. As I have a high interest in for fashion I felt that i will be able to execute something that could possibly be used later on in the future as part of my portfolio work.

I plan to take the images for the advertisements myself as well as arrange a freelance stylist to help me alongside the photo shoots to create the best looks possible. This will in turn create a professional looking fashion advertisements for the campaign.

The ad campaign will be for a new clothing line that I will create, which will be launched in TOPSHOP Oxford Street store. I will be creating all the branding for the new line as well as the fashion advertisements.

I chose TOPSHOP to feature the new clothing line as it is somewhere that I shop a lot and have some familiarity with it.

I will be creating the ad campaigns to poster size, however I also intend on the ads to be seen in a fashion magazine such as LOOK or MORE. This is to further reach out to my target market audience.

Market, Client and Audience Information:

I aim to target young women around the age of 16-25, but internally also women who love fashion regardless of their age or income. The ad campaigns will show a variety of trends that will detail further the main target market. Different types of styles will also be evident in the ad campaigns that will again further pinpoint my target market group. I intend on producing 8 different advertisements that clearly show the different trends that the new brand has to offer.

Project Objectives:

The main objective of this project is to create a ad campaign, that if was real, could be used globally. I also intend to work on building up my portfolio with a range of work that express clearly and thoroughly that I want to do in my future career.

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