– Initial Research

Stage 2:

Use quotes to create a ‘master argument that you win. Using between 4 – 6, 250 mm squares, spread out your argument but use NO IMAGES.

Create several different versions. You can quote from books, journals, magazines, newspapers, tv, radio film, signs, pop songs, stickers, your family and any other relevant source.

From the questionnaire I created in Stage 1 the results showed that junk food was a more convenient  and cost effective option than healthier food. Taking into consideration stage 2 I wanted to illustrate these results so I also investigated further into fast food slogans as I could use these as quotes that I could possibly use in my final squares.

Below is a list of fast food slogans that I came across:


– Finger-lickin’ good

– Buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun

– We do chicken right

– There’s fast food then there’s chicken

– Yes, Virginia there really is a Colonel Sanders

– Nobody does chicken like KFC


– Eat Fresh

Taco Bell

– Think outside the bun

– Head for the border

– Yo Quiero Taco Bell

Burger King

– Have it your way

– We do it like you’d do it

– Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules

– The home of the whooper

– Fast food for fast times

– It takes two hands to hold a whooper

– This is a Burger King Town

– Your way right way

– It just taste better


– A visit to McDonalds makes your day

– Enjoy more

– McDonalds i’m lovin’ it

– What you want is what you get

– We love to see you smile

– Nothing can do it like Mcdonalds


– http://www.textart.ru/database/slogan/fast-food-advertising-slogans.html 

– http://www.textart.ru/database/slogan/fast-food-advertising-slogans.html

Looking at the above slogans I decided that I will research further into more fast food and junk food related slogans and use them as quotes for my idea.

For my idea to be concrete I also researched into the pricing of junk food to also show/prove my argument further.


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