– Current Clothing Lines

To understand my target market a little but more and produce an ad campaign that relates to them, I will under-go a series of research to find out all relevant information. As my ad campaign is for a new clothing line in Oxford Street TOPSHOP I began to look into the different labels are already present. This will enable me to find out who my competitors are, as well as creating something that stands out from the rest.

Below is a list of few clothing lines that TOPSHOP currently have/had feature:


“Lipsy’s target market are young women within the age range of late teens to early thirties. The brand image is sexy, glamorous and trendy, the typical wearer is an attractive, outgoing young woman with a relatively high disposible income who enjoys socialising in bars, clubs and going to parties.” (Source:http://karenw81.salfordbusiness.org/buddypress/2009/11/25/review-of-lipsy-website/)






“The Rare style is influenced by both the catwalk and celebrities – creating on-trend looks at fab prices.” (Source: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=9431816391)



“The philosophy behind the label is to offer unique pieces to girls who love vintage inspired prints. Her signature look is ultra feminine combined with a love of details such as lace panels, fringing, delicate embroidery, embellishments, pleats or bodycon proportions. There’s a startling prettiness and sensuality to her clothes which has seduced many celebrities.” (Source: http://minkie.info/?section=about)


Ragged Priest:


“The Ragged Priest is an expanding fashion label specialising in reworked vintage clothing and accessories. They are currently the largest concession in the Topshop chain.” (Source: http://www.sixredsquares.com/design-portfolio/ragged-priest.html)

“Our vintage products follow trend rather than era, as we feel this enables us to offer our customers a much more interesting product offer”. (Source: http://www.threadstv.co.uk/2011/07/the-ragged-priest/)



” MotelRocks.com is the official website selling Motel Clothing. The clothes are aimed at fashionable girls and ladies. The hype is out there already and people want to be on board. Motel is loved by Lily Allen, Little Boots, and many more.” (Source: http://www.affiliatewindow.com/merchant_directory.php?sid=16)


From my findings I noticed that the labels which currently have a concession in TOPSHOP, all have a different trend going on however they all aim to target everyone no matter age, size, race etc. This is something that I will bare in mind when creating the ad campaign.

The next stage will be to collate information and research more into fashion logos and what makes them successful. This will help me begin to draw up a few ideas for my own logo design.


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