– My Influences

As I have many influences I decided to narrow it down to the main 5 influences that have an impact on my creative side. Things that influence my work as well as things that I am interested in in regards to Art as a whole.

1) Creative Advertisements

2) Fashion

3) Surrealism

4) Photography

Creative Advertisements:

 I believe that an advertisement has to be eye-catching in every way possible. This is from the text, choice of colours, font, type face etc All this can be done in such a creative and effective way that it lures the audience into purchasing or even considering to purchase the product. The advertisements have to sell to the audience as a need and not a luxury Creative Advertisements can be in form of a poster or billboard or even a double page spread in a magazine, as well as adverts and moving image.

Below are a few examples I found whilst researching further into different types of advertisements.


In terms of fashion I enjoy looking at it, trying new things as well as generally reading blogs and sites about the latest trends and styles. I particularly like fashion due to the fact that it allows anybody to explore. You can explore with colours, materials, patterns, shapes etc.

(images taken from http://www.lookbook.nu)


Web definition: A 20th-century literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconscious and is characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter.

(taken from http://www.answers.com/topic/surrealism)

Surrealism ties in greatly with Photography as many photographers use camera tricks, lighting as well as digital software packages that allow manipulation of some sort to create these surreal things.


Photography allows the audience to view things in the eye of the photographer. The smallest detail that us as the audience may not have seen can be captured beautifully through a lens. I particularly like landscape photography as the scenery of an image is truly breathtaking and definitely grabs the audiences eye which allows them to ponder on the image.

Images taken from:

– http://www.chestertugwellphotography.co.uk

– http://www.charliewaite.com/


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