– Vladimir Končar – Typographer

Another typographer who I discovered whilst researching into object typography is Vladimir Končar.

He creates his typefaces all by hand, using materials that we often do not consider as art. Things such as; beer caps, pubic hair, cigarettes, paper clips, soil etc. I personally think that the responsibility of collecting the pieces to create and compose these typefaces is what fascinates me about his work. I also find the way he puts the collected pieces together, very simple but yet effective.

Below are a few images of his work that I really found interesting:

Beer Caps Type

Gummi Bear Type

Tootpick Type

Raw Meat Type

The precision and accuracy of each letter has been crafted so well that  brings the whole piece together as well as  making it stand out.

(all images taken from http://www.koncar.info/work)


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