– Marian Bantjes – Typographer

After reviewing the images I found, I decided to research further into a typographer who creates her type in a similar format – in terms of the choice of material used, colour, quotes and the way the text is arranged to create a final piece.

I looked into the typographer: Marian Bantjes.

Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes is a designer, typographer, writer and illustrator who is based in Canada, near Vancouver. The first half of her career was mainly spent as a book typesetter. She then left that field of book typography to join the Canadian design studio, she became greatly recognized and blossomed as a graphic designer whilst working there. Marian Bantjes then left the firm to go after her own interests and work in her own field that she had become internationally known for. “In the years since she has worked for Pentagram, Stefan SagmeisterAIGA, The Guardian and The New York Times, among others.”

She is known for her detailed, critical and precise vector art. Her hand work, her patterning and ornament work are also qualities that make her work stand out.

Below are examples of her work:

The images above truely show the delicate and hand crafted type that makes each piece unique.


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