– Typography Battle

Task (Stage 1):

In pairs: Find someone to disagree with about any topic; make it as fun or as serious as you wish, play the devil’s advocate, fight your corner. The aim is to win the argument and persuade the other side that you are right.

Document the argument in details through emails, face to face, text messages, letter etc.

Fill a 250mm square with the text so that little space remains available but the type I clearly legible ((max type size: 36pt))

Don’t forget to consider: your choice of typeface, contrast, scale, colour, type furniture (accents, dingbats, grammar marks), shape, structure, texture.

After brainstorming a few ideas my partner and I came up with the very familiar topic of Healthy Food vs. Junk Food. We believe that this topic is very debatable and feel that we will be able to generate an argument.

Positive Factors of Junk Food

There are many reasons why Junk Food is more beneficial to a consumer than Healthy Food such as; the time it takes to prepare a meal – this is also relevant in terms of cooking the meal as well as ordering it.

The time in which it takes somebody to buy the ingredients and then prepare the dish whilst waiting for it to become ready takes a lot longer than preparing a meal that primarily contains junk.

Junk Food also has costing benefits about it – it is a lot cheaper to buy fast food than healthier foods as well as this junk food tends to have a longer shelf life than healthier options which also contributes to the costing benefits

To help illustrate that Junk food has far more beneficial factors than healthy food; I constructed a small questionnaire and asked 20 people to give me their answers on each question. Below is the questionnaire followed by the results.

Junk Food Questionnaire



1) Do you eat Junk Food?



2) On average how much do you spend on junk food everyday?




3) How many days a week do you eat junk food?

0-3 days a week

4+ days a week

4) When in a hurry do you tend to purchase junk food?



5) When you eat junk food; what is the primary reason?




6) Do you enjoy eating junk food?




From the results I received it is evident that the majority of people prefer junk food because of its convenience as well as taste. Using this information and findings I will create a type face that will execute and show that my argument that junk food is better than healthy food.

To begin this I researched into different ways of how objects are used to create type. I recorded and annotated the ones I found particularly interesting.

Type 1)

I really like this image due to the fact that the words used and material used both link. The type is also visually exciting and is really pleasing to eye in terms of the way it looks and its attractiveness.

Type 2)

Again the type above uses cigarettes to help illustrate the message it is trying to convey to the audience. The cigarettes used to create the type also help emphasizes the message.

Type 3)

This image is particularly eye-catching as the font and material used to create this type grabs the attention of the audience.

Type 4)

In this image we can see that the text used creates the image of a light bulb. The words used helps the audience visualize and form their own understanding of what it is trying to show. I also feel that the use of the plain and simple colours used also helps execute the entire piece well.

Type 5)

The chosen font and typeface makes this piece work really well. The use of colour, 3D effects and the various sizes and angles at which each word is placed makes this piece very eye-catching. As the audience, I feel like I want to know more and want to see more as I look at this piece.

Images taken from:

– (http://djdesignerlab.com/2010/02/17/creative-typography-collection-of-real-object/)

– (http://webylife.com/inspiration/stunning-objects-created-using-typography/)


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