– Background Removal with Layer Masks

In this lecture we were taught how to remove a background of an image using the Layer Mask. The basic function of Layer Masks is that black and white control the ‘opacity’ or ‘transparency’.

Layer Masks are very useful in removing background of different density; such as sharp edges and soft edges.

I first started off with an image of a lady.

(click image for a larger view)

I successfully removed the background my following the simple steps given to us. Whilst working with the hair I made sure that I increased my Brush size so that I would obtain a softer edge cut out. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L), I was able to create a selection around the surrounding area and through the ‘path’ I created with the Brush – and filled this selection with Black. This tool enabled me to save time and I was able to fill a large area with black instead of painting it away.

I added colour and text to the final image to produce a ‘clean cut’ background removal.

– Image Credit: Angel Stock by Reine-Haru (DeviantArt)


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